Friday, August 16, 2013

Back In The Groove

August is about preparation. This is the month that we realize how much our children have grown, we stock up on new school supplies (which seem to be getting more and more expensive) and we hit the back-to-school sales. This is when we make sure we have plenty of food in the pantry for all of the lunches that we will soon be preparing.

Bedtimes are reinforced and we squeeze in the last of our vacations. August is when we get ready for the next nine months of activity.

Some of us establish new patterns and routines that will be put into place for the school year.

In our house, I have created a schedule for our entire day, personalized for me and my girls. I introduced them to our new schedule (which will be enforced once we officially start school) at the beginning of summer. I typed them up with fancy font in their favorite colors (I just knew thats all they needed to jump right on board). If my girls cooperate and life goes by smoothly and perfectly, our new schedule will work out great!! HA!

Someone once told me that the best way for a schedule to work is to expect hiccups. In other words, stick to the schedule but accept that LIFE HAPPENS. Some days will be great and everything will go as planned but a lot of days, something is going to come up. A sick child, a whiny and uncooperative child, the SNOOZE button, rainy days which equal lazy days, _____________________days will all put a hiccup in our schedules-but its not the end of the world!! The next day we start over.

I look forward to sharing our new schedule and routine with you in the coming months. The things that work and the things that don't. The things that we need to incorporate and the things that maybe aren't as important as we thought.

What are your patterns or routines that will be starting back up or maybe just beginning in the coming days?

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