Saturday, February 23, 2013

FACTual Friday


Today I have come to the realization that I have learned many things this past week.
I will spare you all of the boring details and only highlight the IMPORTANT facts from this past week, k?

Fact #1: I can bake!! This was a very complicated pretty simple dessert and thanks to the Pinterest gods, a recipe with only two ingredients and my daughter, Kylie......we  I created a masterpiece!!!!!!!

  Looks yummy doesn't it?

And according to the taste-testers, they were all in agreement!
Thumbs up!!

Fact#2: My husband clearly needs more shoes!!!!

24 pairs of shoes are NOWHERE near enough.

I'm embarrassed that I've allowed him to go this long skimming through life with his shortage of shoes.

(I may or may not have secretly thrown a couple or more pairs into the big black trash bag)

Fact#3: Deodorant.  OK, I know I'm not the brightest bulb in the box;  HOWEVER I believe that this discovery has the possibility to change lives all across America.

This plastic cover thing, did you know that you don't have to waste half of your morning pulling, yanking, breaking nails and possibly say a few crude remarks about said get this thing off??????? 

Amazing isn't it?? 

All that you have to do.........wait for it.......TWIST the bottom of the deodorant & somehow it just comes off!!!!!


(You have no idea the excitement when I made this discovery) 

Fact#4:  Morocco is a pretty interesting place to learn about.

You didn't see this one coming, did ya?

Today was Missions Day at co-op and I had the privilege to be a good friends sidekick in as much as we could fit into the short 20 minutes we were given for each class  in teaching about Morocco.

I can spell Morocco in sign language.
Wanna' see?  Ahem, never mind.

The main religion in Morocco is Islam;  99% in fact.

We had an actual model make her appearance

OK, she's not an actual model, but aren't her clothes SO fitting (and adorable) for a day like "Missions Day"?

Another fact: My daughter can read!!!!!!!!!!!!  (OK, not really a surprising fact, but I'm a proud mama & when my girl reads really well in front of her peers dressed as cute as she was yesterday I just gotta tell somebody!!!  Isn't she adorbs????

OK, back to reality and the 


FACT#4......or is it #5???  (Heck, I don't know- I've lost count by now).

Friends make Fridays fabulous!!!  Especially when they are as silly as you are!!  

Oh, and Dum-Dums........they are not all created equal.

Cotton Candy flavor is 'da bomb diggity....

So, as for you and your FACTual Friday-what the heck have you learned this week?


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  1. Cotton Candy is my girls' favorite flavor. They have asked for it enough that the bank knows and automatically sends that flavor out with my receipt. ;)


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