Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The RHM's of SC

Last night I was able to "step out" with some of my fellow homeschool mamas.

I ALMOST didnt make it because of hubby & his late hours, but thanks to him, he came to my rescue & talked his dad into keeping my girls 


Since hubby made arrangements last minute & I was already late, I threw on whatever I could find, pulled my dirty hair up into a bun & poured sprayed as much Pink Chiffon on as I could.
Kylie tried to have a breakdown & convince me that I where I needed to be was with her, but it didn't work this time........THIS MAMA WAS GOING OUT!!!!!

When I arrived an hour late I was excited to see that 

*A seat was saved for me (at the head of the table nonetheless)*
*There were a couple of ladies that I had never met personally that were able to make it*

Everyone had already eaten but that wasn't going to stop me, Pollo Fundido, please!

As we talked, I found comfort in knowing that these ladies were REAL.

We were silly

The famous GiGi

We celebrated a birthday

Embarrassed a little? hehe
We shared stories: from sad to funny to crazy!
We compared stories of our children: what they do and what they dont do.
Several of us shared our common struggle of wondering whether our children are even learning anything from us and if our children will even know how to read when they graduate?? Then are the ones that seem to have it all together with all of their home schooling endeavors (but of course would deny every bit of it)
As I sat and looked at each of the women sitting around the table last night, I realized that every single one of us has a story.  We all have a past and of course a few skeletons in our closet (that we may or may not have unveiled last night). 
Each of us in a season that may not be like anyone elses season, but because we are "REAL" and because we have Christ, we are deeply connected.  We may or may not have gone through the same thing as our fellow homeschool mom, but we can share, we can love and we can smile.
We can smile because we know that God has placed us in each others lives for a reason & to be honest with you, I am so excited to see what He has in store for us.
.........and I'm still hoping for that Reality TV Show of ours to start:
"The Real Homeschool Mom's of SC"



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