Friday, February 15, 2013

Fridays and Reality


For most families, Friday is a day that marks the end of the normal work week and brings excitement for the upcoming weekend activities or lack thereof.

For our family, Friday is co-op day!!!!! For those that aren't familiar, this is the day that we meet (along with tons of other families) for a day of socialization learning. 
The moms teach all of the different classes that are offered (most of which we don't teach at home) and our kiddos get to choose from a variety of classes to take.  Classes range from cake decorating to Lego club to worship team to sewing & every Friday ushers in a new-ER excitement than the week before.

I love the classes that I'm able to be part of every week.
When we arrive (which is usually about 5 minutes late, because we are NEVER on time for anything), I immediately put in our lunch order & then rush into the sanctuary for Worship Team. I am blessed to assist in leading this group of teens in singing/playing instruments for God. After practice (& trying to "perfect" it), all of the classes& moms come into the sanctuary for a time of worship (led by the teens in Praise/Worship)&announcements.
After worship is over, I am stoked to be able to lead the Childrens Choir. This is an hour of songs, games, prayer & treats :)
If I'm lucky all of the moms are there, 3rd hour is my "Free" hour. I am able to chat with others that aren't teaching, snack on goodies that volunteer moms bring to share (which, we all know it's never me that volunteers) or do nothing.  Usually I partake in the latter......chilling out with my phone in hand, checking Facebook.
Then, it's the lunch hour rush. Little ones running ALL OVER, moms chasing after them, teens trying to get away from their moms to hang out with their friends and moms trying to get with other moms to have "adult time".  It's absolute chaos, exhausting......AND the part of the day that I look forward to the most!!!!

It's what one of our fellow members named us today....and it's only fitting, "The Real Home School Moms of SC" or " The Real HSM's of SC"
We like to think of ourselves as "not-your-normal" home school moms = cool moms, although I'm sure our children digress. 
We are usually loud, opinionated & giggly......some of our children even critique our laughter.....apparently there is a certain way to sound when you think something is funny (who knew?)
We are like high school girls.....saving seats, talking about the highlights of our week & the things that grate our nerves.

A topic of conversation today was the excitement of the upcoming reality show

Not only is this a new reality show but its also located in Myrtle Beach, SC.....vacation spot of habit for a lot of people. They have their own security, colorful trailers, pink flamingos AND their own hair salon!!!! Did I mention this is all in a trailer park?????????

We are even enthusiastically discussing a road trip to The that we can get our hair done at "Tangled", The Manor's hair salon.  How fun would that be????? How hilarious would that be??????

And MAYBE.....just maybe, TLC would be there, see us in all of our home school glory & there will be a new show................

Are you thinking what I'm thinking????


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  1. Girl, you so crazy! Save me a seat at the "cool" table next time! Tried to get in there earlier but you know the rest of the story. Some of the newbies are still learnin' the ropes. I wish we had Co-op twice a week----it is the highlight of homeschooling for us! So many colorful ladies with wonderful stories to tell, shoulders to lean on, and hands to hold! Blessings abound!


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