Monday, February 25, 2013

Spare the Rod.....Spoil the Child?

Full moon=babies being born, people getting arrested & kids acting crazy.

Particularly mine.

More specifically, my youngest daughter.

It is a full moon, the Snow Moon. Honestly, I don't care what moon it is, I'm just ready for it to be over already.

My mom (God Bless Her) helps me out on Monday and Thursday by taking care of my girls and teaching them Science, among other things.....

Today didn't start off well.
I received a call from my mom late morning, explaining to me that Kylie wouldn't listen, sit still, focus, etc....all she wanted to do was play around and "test" her. I talked to Kylie via telephone (while she tried and tried to plead her case) and by the end of our conversation, her iPad and TV privileges were taken from her. This child is strong-willed and seriously doesn't take "no" for an answer without putting up a fight.

A few hours later i received a text
"....she just got the spanking of her life.  It's been 8 years coming. If she had gotten spankings earlier on, she wouldn't be so hell bent on getting her way all the time. I AM TIRED OF REASONING WITH HER. oh and don't tell me that spanking doesn't work, she's sitting down reading her book just like she is supposed to be doing....."

My mom believes in the whole "spare the rod, spoil the child..." It's not that I don't believe it, I just don't do it. (Don't judge me) I reason with her, I admit it. I like to call it, allowing her to be if you will.  
Maybe I've got it all wrong? Maybe I'm just doing things differently. I don't know the answers to all things parent. Neither do you.

Oh how I sometimes wish that I could dust off my magic wand and change her into a soft spoken, mild-mannered, even-tempered little girl.

But then I wouldn't hear her ├╝ber-dramatic stories. The chaos that she brings with her.
The heart attack that she comes close to giving me daily.

And the

Did you know that according to my 8 year old that getting spanked is equivalent to being treated like a Muslim??

Yep, that's my girl. Not the least bit dramatic.



  1. Im curious. How did you feel a bout your mom spanking her when you dont spank her yourself? Not saying I disagree with spanking, im just not sure how I'd feel if someone else spanked my child. I have never talked to nana about it but I am sure if she felt one of mine needed it she would. Spanking is one of the things Josh & I just can't get on the same page with. Your mom is a wonderful grandmother I am sure that was hard for her but im sure miss Kylie will behave next time LOL

  2. I completely trust my moms judgement. It's definitely not easy for her to do, but necessary today. I don't mind if my mom spanks bc she is a lot like a mom to my girls.....Stephen is more apt to spank than I am but its not that I disagree, I just don't do it.....(maybe bc of the physical abuse that I went through during my first marriage it causes me to be hesitant) and yes, she will definitely listen next time lol!!

  3. I totally get it. I think its hard for me to imagine since my relationship with my mom is very different from yours. You are both doing a great job with those girls. Your Kylie and my Meccia are one in the same.


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